Sanatana Dharma Foundation(SDF) is pleased to announce the successful completion of a 2 day Hindu Unity Day in the DFW Metroplex for its third consecutive year, on August 22, 2010. In this annual event, individuals who are striving to protect and safeguard Sanatana Dharma are honored with the “Dharma Raksha Kshatriya” award. Previous award recipients include Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman and Shri Francois Gautier.

This year’s award recipients included Dr. Kosla Vepa and Dr. Kusum Vyas.

On the first day of the Hindu Unity Day programs, a dinner program and seminar was organized on August 21, 2010 at the Plano Pavilion, Dallas, Texas. Karishma Himatsinghani, a noted Radio host in the DFW Metroplex was the MC of the evening. Kalyan Viswanathan, the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation welcomed the speakers and the audience. The program started with Prayers led by Uma Narayanan. The audience was engaged by three speakers who have been active in scholarship and preservation of Sanatana Dharma. Dr. S. Kalyanaraman in his keynote address gave insights into the recent emerging scholarship concerning the Indus Valley civilization which highlights the continuity of the Hindu civilization. SDF was honored to be chosen as the venue for the release of his book “Indus Script Cipher” which details his efforts on deciphering the Indus script using a phonetic reading method hieroglyphs of India. The first copies of the book were offered to Sashi Kejriwal and Dr. Pankaj Jain. Sangeetha Chandrakantan introduced the next speaker, Dr. Kosla Vepa, head of the Indic Studies Foundation.

In his next talk he presented some of the inaccuracies and misconceptions on Indian history and Hindu thought that have survived as authentic fact in his study of Indian civilization. Dr. Kosla Vepa explored the advanced nature of ancient Indian astronomy, and how it bears a closer resemblance to the so called modern astronomy, while the modern astrnomoy is farther removed from ancient Greek astronomy. Meera introduced the next speaker Dr Kusum Vyas. Dr. Kusum Vyas of the Gulf of Mannar World Heritage Site campaign exorted the audience to consider implications of climate change in the sensitive Indian Ocean region and suggested solutions based from Hindu dharmic thought. Harirama Subbu, Tarun Saran and IV Rao from Sanatana Dharma Foundation offered specially designed Newletter to the three distinguished speakers.

The second day of the program on August 22, 2010 was held at the Dallas Fort Worth Hindu Temple and was entitled “Preserving Sanatana Dharma – Engaging the Next Generation: Challenges and Opportunities.” Youth and adults from across a cross section of Hindus were engaged in a vibrant panel discussion on the critical issues facing youth who are growing up in a culture with significantly different values than that of their parent’s religious and cultural backgrounds. Multiple opportunities for further partnership and collaboration arose with numerous avenues for networking amongst different Hindu groups for the purpose of transmission of Sanatana Dharma to the next generation. The Panel Discussion moderated by Gopal Ponangi, Director of Sanatana Dharma Foundation had notable speakers like Rajesh Verma from Sewa International, Bindu Patel from Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, Deepen Patel from BAPS, Dr Jay Kumar from Vidya Vikas, Vigyan Gotewal and Simarn Gotewal from Ekal, Pranamya Suri from Natyanjali, Anu Namuduri, Sumedh Mankar and Kirti Salwe from Hindu Student Council, Vallabh Dhudshia and Pavan Puttaparthi from DFW Hindu Temple, Dina Bhakta from Bhrahmakumaris, G.R. Ravindranath and Rao Kalvala represented parents, Lakshmi Tummala from Datta Yoga Center, Peeyush Goyal from Barsana Dham, Arnav Gupta from Arya Samaj, Venkat Srinivasan and Karishma Bagpatia from Art of Living.

The program concluded with talks by Drs. Kusum Vyas, S. Kalyanaraman, and Kosla Vepa with a modified panel discussion., the official videographers will be releasing a special DVD of this Hindu Unity Day.

Speaking about the success of the third Annual Hindu Unity Day, Kalyan Viswanathan, President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation thanked the attendees for showing up and supporting the cause of Hindu Unity. He said that during the discussions with various people several new initiatives have paved way and SDF will act on them.

Sanatana Dharma Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting research, education and awareness of Hindu Civilization, Hindu Values, Culture, Traditions and community involvement. Apart from various activities, they have been conducting Radio programs on Hinduism since the last 3 years. Archives of Radio programs and additional information is available on

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