Hindu Dharma Rakshaka-Kshatriya Award Recipients

Year Award Recepients

Dr Kosla Vepa


Dr. Kosla Vepa’s holds a PhD in the area of Engineering Mechanics, and had a fulfilling career with IBM, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, General Atomics and Pratt and Whitney, before retiring and pursuing his new interests in the areas of Ancient Indian history, Vedas and Vedanta, Mathematical Sciences and Astronomy in India during antiquity, the growth and evolution of civilizations. He established The Indic Studies Foundation, which seeks to propagate a more accurate and rational approach to the study and dissemination of the Indian Civilizational ethos in the world.

2009 Shri Francois Gautier


Francois Gautier, is an India based French journalist, writer & historian who has been covering India and South Asia for the last 35 years. All throughout his reporting years, he noticed that most western correspondents were projecting the problems, peculiarities and shortcomings of India. Hence when Francois Gautier got a journalism prize (Natchiketa Award of excellence in journalism) from the Prime Minister of India, he used the prize money to mount a series of conferences & exhibitions highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty.

Shri Francois Gautier, while not being an Indian by birth, or Hindu by religion, has nevertheless been deeply influenced by the spirit and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, and has stuck his neck out in defence of Hindu Dharma, more than once, through his various exhibitions and writings. His exhibition on Aurangazeb, was controversial to say the least, and was attacked and torn down by Muslims who did not want an accurate portrayal of Aurangazeb to be brought into the public eye. His recent effort to create a Chattrapathi Shivaji Maharaj museum of Indian History, which show cases an accurate a portrayal of Indian (and Hindu) history without suppressing the facts of Islamic violence in India, is a very laudable effort and deserves our support.

Sanatana Dharma Foundation is happy to confer the "Hindu Dharma Rakashaka Kshatriya" award on Francois Gautier for his commitment, persistence and devotion in the face of continued opposition by the Secular Media and many apathetic Hindus.


Dr. Subramanian Swamy


Dr.Swamy, born on September 15, 1939 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is a widely known public figure in India having been elected Member of Parliament five times (1974-99) and held Cabinet positions in the Union Government twice, first as a Minister for Commerce, Law and Justice (1990-91) and later as Chairman with Cabinet rank of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade (1994-96). He also worked as Assistant Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Secretariat, New York in 1963 and as Member of India’s Planning Commission (1990-91).

Dr. S Kalyanaraman


Dr. S. Kalyanaraman holds a PhD in Public Administration, University of Manila, and was a senior executive in the Asian Development Bank for 18 years until 1995, and a Financial Advisor to the Indian Railways, for 17 years. Today, he is the Director of the Sarasvati River Research Centre and has done considerable research on the discovery of the courses of Vedic River Sarasvati and the possibility of this river flowing again as part of a national network of rivers, as well as decoding the Indus Valley Script. He is also the President of the World Association of Vedic Studies in Bharat, as well as President, Rameswaram Ramasetu Protection Movement.