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Why Hindu Unity Day ? How does it matter to you ? 
  • Are you proud to be a Hindu?  
  • Do you believe that as Hindus we have certain issues and challenges in front of us today? 
  • Do you think it's worthwhile for us to come together as Hindus? 
  • Is it important to YOU that your children and grand children also grow up as Hindus? 

The Hindu Unity Day is an occasion  

  • To celebrate our Hindu Identity 
  • To become aware of the critical issues and challenges and  
  • Take bold and collective action against the challenges that affect our next generation. 

This is the opportunity of Hindu Unity Day of 2013 !!     

Sanatana Dharma Foundation


6th Annual Hindu Unity Day 

This Year's Theme : Sanatana Dharma and the Academia

On Sunday, July 21st, 2013 from 11 am to 4 pm

at Conference Center, Collin County Community College

Preston Ridge Campus, 9700 Wade Boulevard, Frisco, TX 75035


Global Hindu Heritage Foundation 
Sanatana Dharma Foundation

Cordially invite you and your family to attend a Presentation & discussion on Preservation and Protection of Hindu Temples and Hindu Culture By Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

As most of you know, Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a very powerful orator. He is a consummate communicator. He is a scholar and a genius. He is an epitome of courage and valor. 
Dr Swamy is referred to as "One Man Army". He has been fighting for four decades against corruption in high places, protection of Ram Sethu and reforms in Electric Voting Machine System. He has been conferred the prestigious 'HINDU Dharma Rakshaka Kshathriya Award" from SDF in 2007.
Dr Swamy will be speaking on June 16th 2013 4PM @ DFW Hindu Temple about the Challenges faced by India, other related issues, and their solution. He is a dynamic and charismatic leader who is trying to unify Hindu society in India and spearheading the message of Hindu Unity abroad.
Hindu Unity Day 2011

Sanatana Dharma Foundation is joining hands with WAVES  (World Association of Vedic Studies) in organizing this conference on Varna, Jathi and Kula in July, 2011.

There is perhaps no other aspect of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma, that elicits as much debate and controversy as the subject of India’s social order based on its ancient conceptions of Varna, Jati and Kula. Contemporary discussions of the subject tend to be extremely divisive to say the least, and can generate far more heat than light, especially when Hindus attempt to frame a representative narrative of the phenomenon.  The fact that much of this narrative has been generated by non-Indic scholarship in the past few centuries further vitiates our own understanding of this social order. The influence of Colonial scholarship on India is so pervasive that many well-meaning Hindus themselves tend to have a very distorted and incomplete view of this social order. Moreover there are many vested interests who have exploited the fissures that arise naturally within this social organization for multifarious personal ends, ranging from conversion of Hindus to other faiths, creation of political vote banks and other forms of personal advancement.  In recent years, Caste identities appear to be acquiring a renewed strength and vitality based on Caste based political mobilization and reservations. In the year 2011, the Census of India’s population will once again ask people their Caste affiliation – a question they had not asked for 80 years since 1931, thereby placing Caste at the center stage once more. At the same time, Governments of many countries stand ready to indict India and its society for what in their view is its continued practice of Caste based discrimination and perceived human rights violations.


In this background, it is very important that Hindus have a well-articulated position on this topic, developed on the basis of a broad consensus amongst the various constituents of Hindu Society, that can be used both as a foundation for internal dialogue and understanding as well as  for communication with the external world. While recognizing that building a consensus within Hindu society is as necessary as it is difficult, Sanatana dharma Foundation is joining hands with WAVES (World Association of Vedic Studies) in making a small beginning in this regard.

The Call for Papers is attached WAVES - Conference on Varna, Jati and Kula - 2011 - Call for papers.


In the year 2008, Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Dallas, Texas instituted an Award, by the name of ”Hindu Dharma Rakshaka” Kshatriya Award.

The purpose of this award is to highlight and recognize the contributions made to Sanatana Dharma, by specific individuals.

Today there are many Hindus who are making a contribution to Sanatana Dharma, in a variety of ways, but the Kshatriya Award attempts to distinguish and honor those contributions that have the following unique characteristics.

1. First of all, these contributions are made with ‘courage’ in the defense of Sanatana Dharma i.e. they offer resistance to a certain concerted attack on a specific institution, culture, person(s) or aspect of Sanatana Dharma.

2. Secondly, the contribution is made at significant ‘personal risk’ on the part of the contributor i.e. in other words, the contribution is made in an environment that is hostile, and in a manner that invites a counter-offensive involving possible negative consequences.

3. Thirdly, the contribution tends to be controversial to say the least, and even unpopular to a degree as Hindus themselves are mostly unsure as to whether it is a contribution worth celebrating and honoring.

4. And lastly, the contribution is mostly unknown, as the media ignores it largely, and the fact that such a contribution has been made remains un-recognized, and under-appreciated.

The civilization of Sanatana Dharma, is today in a state of resurgence and revival, even as India (Bharat) is coming out of a 1000 year period of decline and desolation. However, the old order and structure of the civilization based on its Varna and Ashrama Dharma has largely broken down. While the spiritual revival of Sanatana Dharma is being led by numerous Gurus and Acharyas, it is our committed view that there is a very large gap in the area of Kshatriya Dharma.

In the Bhagvad Gita, the principal Kshatriya of that age – Arjuna, argues with Bhagvan Shri Krishna that he would rather die without striking a blow or rather walk away from the conflict altogether. Bhagvan Shri Krishna asks his protégé Arjuna to rise up resolved to do battle with the Adharmic forces of his time, and advises him that even death in the cause of his Dharma is a superior end. He further asks him to act while being unattached to the outcome, to discharge his Dharma, without regard to pleasure or pain, fame or infamy, success of failure.

It is this spirit of the Kshatriya, the willingness to stand up against the forces of Adharma, the willingness to put oneself at risk, and fight for the Dharma, and do what is right, even though what is right may not be comfortable or popular that the “Hindu Dharma Rakshaka – Kshatriya” Award attempts to honor.

It is our Sankalpa that there is a broader revival of the Kshatriya Dharma, in the years to come. It is our commitment that there is a broader recognition of the need for this kind of Kshatriya Dharma, that embodies a spirit of risk taking, sacrifice and valor and a greater willingness on the part of the Hindu Community to develop new leaders with these qualities for the new generations to come as well as to collectively fund and finance new initiatives that embody this spirit.



Sanata Dharma Foundation and VidyaDaanam presents -  Eternal Melodies, an evening of Bhajans, Ghazals & Old Hindi melodies

by Shri Sharad Gupta , mentored by “Bhajan Samraat” Shri Anup Jalota

Eternal Melodies Concert Flyer 30Apr2011



Hindu Dharma Rakshaka-Kshatriya Award Recipients

Year Award Recepients

Dr Kosla Vepa


Dr. Kosla Vepa’s holds a PhD in the area of Engineering Mechanics, and had a fulfilling career with IBM, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, General Atomics and Pratt and Whitney, before retiring and pursuing his new interests in the areas of Ancient Indian history, Vedas and Vedanta, Mathematical Sciences and Astronomy in India during antiquity, the growth and evolution of civilizations. He established The Indic Studies Foundation, which seeks to propagate a more accurate and rational approach to the study and dissemination of the Indian Civilizational ethos in the world.

2009 Shri Francois Gautier


Francois Gautier, is an India based French journalist, writer & historian who has been covering India and South Asia for the last 35 years. All throughout his reporting years, he noticed that most western correspondents were projecting the problems, peculiarities and shortcomings of India. Hence when Francois Gautier got a journalism prize (Natchiketa Award of excellence in journalism) from the Prime Minister of India, he used the prize money to mount a series of conferences & exhibitions highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty.

Shri Francois Gautier, while not being an Indian by birth, or Hindu by religion, has nevertheless been deeply influenced by the spirit and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, and has stuck his neck out in defence of Hindu Dharma, more than once, through his various exhibitions and writings. His exhibition on Aurangazeb, was controversial to say the least, and was attacked and torn down by Muslims who did not want an accurate portrayal of Aurangazeb to be brought into the public eye. His recent effort to create a Chattrapathi Shivaji Maharaj museum of Indian History, which show cases an accurate a portrayal of Indian (and Hindu) history without suppressing the facts of Islamic violence in India, is a very laudable effort and deserves our support.

Sanatana Dharma Foundation is happy to confer the "Hindu Dharma Rakashaka Kshatriya" award on Francois Gautier for his commitment, persistence and devotion in the face of continued opposition by the Secular Media and many apathetic Hindus.


Dr. Subramanian Swamy


Dr.Swamy, born on September 15, 1939 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is a widely known public figure in India having been elected Member of Parliament five times (1974-99) and held Cabinet positions in the Union Government twice, first as a Minister for Commerce, Law and Justice (1990-91) and later as Chairman with Cabinet rank of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade (1994-96). He also worked as Assistant Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Secretariat, New York in 1963 and as Member of India’s Planning Commission (1990-91).

Dr. S Kalyanaraman


Dr. S. Kalyanaraman holds a PhD in Public Administration, University of Manila, and was a senior executive in the Asian Development Bank for 18 years until 1995, and a Financial Advisor to the Indian Railways, for 17 years. Today, he is the Director of the Sarasvati River Research Centre and has done considerable research on the discovery of the courses of Vedic River Sarasvati and the possibility of this river flowing again as part of a national network of rivers, as well as decoding the Indus Valley Script. He is also the President of the World Association of Vedic Studies in Bharat, as well as President, Rameswaram Ramasetu Protection Movement.  


Sanatana Dharma Foundation (SDF) is pleased to announce its success in causing a breakthrough in Hindu consciousness through Hindu Unity Day in the DFW Metroplex for the fourth consecutive year. The specialty of this year’s Hindu Unity Day is the speeches by world renowned speakers namely Dr Subramanian Swamy, Sri Kamal Kumar Swami, Sri Tapan Ghosh and Sri Rajiv Malhotra. SDF honored them with the “Dharma Raksha Kshatriya” award. This year’s award recipients were Sri Kamal Kumar Swami, Sri Tapan Ghosh and Sri Rajiv Malhotra. Previous award recipients include Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, Francois Gautier, Dr. Kosla Vepa and Dr. Kusum Vyas.

The speakers were also felicitated with a check for their tireless leadership and dedication for Dharmic causes. More than 400 people attended the event hosted at Holiday Inn Express in Plano, Texas. The Program started at 11 AM with Veda Parayana by Narasimha Murthy of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. Kalyan Viswanathan, the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation welcomed the audience and talked about the agenda of this year’s Hindu Unity Day. Dr Prakasa Rao from Global Hindu Heritage Foundation introduced Shri Kamal Kumar Swami. Sri Swami spoke about the state of Temples in Andhra Pradesh, the neglect by the state government and the steps he is taking as part of his organization called Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi.

After Sri Swami’s speech, Sri Rajiv Malhotra spoke about his new book “Breaking India” and how western interests are dividing India today. Free lunch was provided to all audience. Sri Tapan Ghosh spoke about his efforts on protecting the Hindus in West Bengal. The final speaker, Dr Subramanian Swamy spoke about “Adharma of corruption and the way out”. He also emphasized the point of why and how a Hindu should be a Virat Hindu., the official videographers will be releasing a special DVD of this Hindu Unity Day. The attendees were thrilled by the moving speech by all the four speakers and every one of 400+ attendees felt “I am a Hindu and I’m proud of it”.

The audience was spell bound by the speakers and gave feedback that they could not forget such a speech in their life time. Volunteers from various Hindu groups like Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh have put enormous efforts to make this a great success. The newly formed Youth Forum of the SDF actively volunteered various tasks. Apart from the participation of Hindu individuals, several organizations like DFW Hindu Temple, Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Sri Satya Sai Baba Group, DFW Cultural Center, Chinmaya Mission, Flower Mound Hindu Temple, Amma Karunamayi Group, Flower Mound Hindu Temple, Sri Ram Mandir, Art of Living Foundation, Seva International and several Hindu Organizations attended this event and made it a grand success.

Speaking about the success of the 4th Annual Hindu Unity Day, Kalyan Viswanathan, President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation thanked all the attendees for showing up and supporting the cause of Hindu Unity. He said that he is glad to see that SDF and its volunteers executed on the core agenda of SDF which is "Causing a breakthrough in Hindu Consciousness". Sanatana Dharma Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting Hindu Values, traditions and community involvement. Apart from various activities, they have been conducted Radio programs, Seminars, Newsletters on Hinduism since the last 4 years. Additional information is available on

Hindu Unity Day 2011

Sanatana Dharma Foundation(SDF) is pleased to announce the successful completion of a 2 day Hindu Unity Day in the DFW Metroplex for its third consecutive year, on August 22, 2010. In this annual event, individuals who are striving to protect and safeguard Sanatana Dharma are honored with the “Dharma Raksha Kshatriya” award. Previous award recipients include Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman and Shri Francois Gautier.

This year’s award recipients included Dr. Kosla Vepa and Dr. Kusum Vyas.

On the first day of the Hindu Unity Day programs, a dinner program and seminar was organized on August 21, 2010 at the Plano Pavilion, Dallas, Texas. Karishma Himatsinghani, a noted Radio host in the DFW Metroplex was the MC of the evening. Kalyan Viswanathan, the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation welcomed the speakers and the audience. The program started with Prayers led by Uma Narayanan. The audience was engaged by three speakers who have been active in scholarship and preservation of Sanatana Dharma. Dr. S. Kalyanaraman in his keynote address gave insights into the recent emerging scholarship concerning the Indus Valley civilization which highlights the continuity of the Hindu civilization. SDF was honored to be chosen as the venue for the release of his book “Indus Script Cipher” which details his efforts on deciphering the Indus script using a phonetic reading method hieroglyphs of India. The first copies of the book were offered to Sashi Kejriwal and Dr. Pankaj Jain. Sangeetha Chandrakantan introduced the next speaker, Dr. Kosla Vepa, head of the Indic Studies Foundation.

In his next talk he presented some of the inaccuracies and misconceptions on Indian history and Hindu thought that have survived as authentic fact in his study of Indian civilization. Dr. Kosla Vepa explored the advanced nature of ancient Indian astronomy, and how it bears a closer resemblance to the so called modern astronomy, while the modern astrnomoy is farther removed from ancient Greek astronomy. Meera introduced the next speaker Dr Kusum Vyas. Dr. Kusum Vyas of the Gulf of Mannar World Heritage Site campaign exorted the audience to consider implications of climate change in the sensitive Indian Ocean region and suggested solutions based from Hindu dharmic thought. Harirama Subbu, Tarun Saran and IV Rao from Sanatana Dharma Foundation offered specially designed Newletter to the three distinguished speakers.

The second day of the program on August 22, 2010 was held at the Dallas Fort Worth Hindu Temple and was entitled “Preserving Sanatana Dharma – Engaging the Next Generation: Challenges and Opportunities.” Youth and adults from across a cross section of Hindus were engaged in a vibrant panel discussion on the critical issues facing youth who are growing up in a culture with significantly different values than that of their parent’s religious and cultural backgrounds. Multiple opportunities for further partnership and collaboration arose with numerous avenues for networking amongst different Hindu groups for the purpose of transmission of Sanatana Dharma to the next generation. The Panel Discussion moderated by Gopal Ponangi, Director of Sanatana Dharma Foundation had notable speakers like Rajesh Verma from Sewa International, Bindu Patel from Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, Deepen Patel from BAPS, Dr Jay Kumar from Vidya Vikas, Vigyan Gotewal and Simarn Gotewal from Ekal, Pranamya Suri from Natyanjali, Anu Namuduri, Sumedh Mankar and Kirti Salwe from Hindu Student Council, Vallabh Dhudshia and Pavan Puttaparthi from DFW Hindu Temple, Dina Bhakta from Bhrahmakumaris, G.R. Ravindranath and Rao Kalvala represented parents, Lakshmi Tummala from Datta Yoga Center, Peeyush Goyal from Barsana Dham, Arnav Gupta from Arya Samaj, Venkat Srinivasan and Karishma Bagpatia from Art of Living.

The program concluded with talks by Drs. Kusum Vyas, S. Kalyanaraman, and Kosla Vepa with a modified panel discussion., the official videographers will be releasing a special DVD of this Hindu Unity Day.

Speaking about the success of the third Annual Hindu Unity Day, Kalyan Viswanathan, President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation thanked the attendees for showing up and supporting the cause of Hindu Unity. He said that during the discussions with various people several new initiatives have paved way and SDF will act on them.

Sanatana Dharma Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting research, education and awareness of Hindu Civilization, Hindu Values, Culture, Traditions and community involvement. Apart from various activities, they have been conducting Radio programs on Hinduism since the last 3 years. Archives of Radio programs and additional information is available on

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