SDF Team would like to invite you to 9th Annual Hindu Unity Day. Please mark your calenders. 
Please watch this 2 minute introductory video about Hindu Unity Day 2016.
It answers many of the questions on why you should attend Hindu Unity Day and how can it be of value to you.


From 2007 to 2012, SDF Hindu Unity Day themes have focussed on identifying and creating awareness on various issues affecting Hindus and Hinduism around the world. 
Since 2013 , SDF has taken up one problem and is working diligently on it. It is the problem of lack of represenation of Hinduism by Hindus in higher education.  
In 2015 and 2016, SDF is continuing to work on the initiative to establish an accredited Graduate School of Hindu Dharma in North America.
Please mark your calenders for August 20th 11.30AM to 4PM to come together as one voice and one heart on Hindu Unity Day
Reserve your seat at Hindu Unity Day by registering here at
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